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If you are looking for DSTV Installers Roodepoort we are the company that you need to call.  Our DSTV Installers Roodepoort are here to assist you with all your DSTV Installation needs. Our DSTV Call Centre will assist you with making scheduling a DSTV Installer to come through to your premises.  Dstv Installations Roodepoort  will also assist you in choosing the best DSTV Package that will suite you. There are different DSTV Packages to choose from and different amount of channels to choose from.  Dstv Installations Roodepoort  offer the best service in Roodepoort so that you can be up and running with your DSTV.


Dstv Installations Roodepoort  can install a single view decoder which is the standard DSTV Installation which requires one decoder.  The Single View DSTV is best for 1 to 2 persons that will not require more than one decoder. With the Single View DSTV you can also choose the different DSTV Packages required. Our call centre and DSTV Technicians will assist you in the best option possible.


Dstv Installations Roodepoort  also offer the XTRAView Dstv which is dual viewing for more than 1 to 2 persons.  This allows each person to view a different channel and different times on different televisions. The XTRAView DSTV requires more than one DSTV Decoder and each decoder is charged with an additional charge. The XTRAView Dstv is one of the most popular choices for a larger family, allowing each person to enjoy their individual programme viewing.


DSTV Catch Up comes on a certain decoder and DSTV Package allowing you to catch up on any programmes missed.  DSTV came up with the DSTV Catch Up to make sure you never miss any of your favourite programmes.  You will never miss out on any of your favourite programmes again.  DSTV also offers PVR Decoders which allows you to pause, stop, and rewind shall you have missed out while stepping out of the room. The PVR Decoder also offers the option to record your favourite programmes so you don’t have to miss out, the programmes get saves to your play list and you can view it your programme at any given time.

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Our DSTV Installers Roodepoort are ready to assist you in setting up your DSTV Decoder and Dish so you can get right to your entertainment  from Movies, Series, Sports, News, and for the children all programmes for them for fun learning. Contact DSTV Installers Roodepoort for the best service provided.